Terms & Conditions

Our Agreement
Your purchase of one the service shown on this website enters you into an agreement with us to produce the agreed purchased service, within the parameters detailed within the service product page.

Each service is designed to meet the client's requirements. Any additional work requested such as additional elements not detailed within each specific service are chargeable and quoted for before proceeding upon the Client's approval to add the additional element to the service being provided. Your design team member will discuss additional options that you may wish to consider alongside or after the initial service is completed.

Cancellations & Refunds
Please note any cancellations after the acceptance of project may incur an artworking charge and project consummation charge. Requests for refunds after the service have begun will incur a 15% fee of the project service. Therefore 85% of the service cost will be refunded to the client. This to ensure that our costs are covered for the initial undertaken work. The purchase of each service is an acceptance of this agreement for cancellation after work commencement has proceeded. Request for cancellations of service before the project work has started will be submitted to the company administrators and processed by our Accounts team at full refund charge of service.

Artwork and Copyrights
Once a design concept has been approved and the design service completed, the soul intellectual property rights of the artwork produced will belong to the client. The ATK design house retains no right to ownership of work completed for the client and will only use artwork produced shown on this website for portfolio purposes. If the client would prefer that the artwork is not used within the Portfolio, they can request the removal of the artwork.

Images, logos and creative material provided by the client for use in the design service is provided with the consent that the client has permission to use the artwork within their designs and visuals. The client must inform of any breach of copyright that may be infringed with use of business brand imagery that they do not have the right to use. The client must then liaise with the relevant property owner. The ATK team do not and can not authorise the use of copyrighted material and will always comply with the removal procedures of any breaches.

Any imagery, graphics or emblems provided by ATK within the use of design artworks will have been used with the permissions of the relevant property owners or with model consent where applicable. This does not apply to client provided visuals and files, all of which will be documented in the design process files with the client.

If you are unsure of any of our policies, please contact us to discuss further, where we'll be happy to outline your queries with our considered response.